Hjelp til rapportskrivingen – Masterutgave

Below are links to some video lectures relevant for writing the masters thesis. Please consider them for inspiration and understanding – not as strict requirements.

NB! Please note that some UiA requirements differentiate from those presented in the videos. In those cases, the UiA requirements rule! (As is also emphasised in several of the videos.

The big overview:
1. How To Write A Dissertation Or Thesis – 8 Step Tutorial
2. Dissertation Structure & Layout 101: How To Structure Your Dissertation Or Thesis
3. Make your academic writing flow smoothly (and sound smart!)
4. How to proofread your own writing like a pro

5. How to write a GOOD ABSTRACT for student papers (But this is the last you write)
6. Abstract vs Introduction: Major differences between an abstract and an introduction
7. How To Write An Abstract For A Dissertation Or Thesis: 5 Mistakes To Avoid

Introduction (NB! not adopted to the UiA template, still inspiring)
8. How To Write A Dissertation Introduction Or Thesis Introduction Chapter: 7 Steps

The research question
9. How to write a STRONG research question for research papers


10. What Is Research Methodology In A Dissertation Or Thesis? SIMPLE Explainer
11. How To Write A Methodology Chapter For A Dissertation Or Thesis 4 Steps
12. Qualitative vs Quantitative vs Mixed Methods Research: How To Choose
13. Quantitative Data Analysis 101 Tutorial: Statistics Explained Simply
14. Qualitative Data Analysis 101 Tutorial: 6 Analysis Methods
15. Dissertation Methodology Chapter: 6 Costly Mistakes To AVOID
STATISTICS: Basic understanding – for those who have forgotten (Norwegian only)

Literature review
NB! This DTU/Coursera course is compulsory: Academic Information Seeking
16. Literature Review 101: How To Find High-Quality Literature (Quickly) – 6 Steps
18. PARAPHRASING: The basic steps, tips, & tricks

19. Dissertation Results Chapter Explained: 8 Simple Steps (Quantitative Methodology)
20. Dissertation Results Chapter 101: Qualitative Methodology Studies

21. Dissertation Discussion Chapter: How To Write It In 6 Steps
22. Qualitative Data Analysis 101 Tutorial: 6 Analysis Methods
23. Quantitative Data Analysis 101 Tutorial: Statistics Explained Simply

24. Dissertation Conclusion Chapter: 6 Simple Steps

25. How to avoid plagiarism in academic writing
26. PARAPHRASING: The basic steps, tips, & tricks
27. How to format direct quotes for academic writing

NB! Below is a link to Kildekompasset – UiA’s official guide on how to reference!
If the above videos are in conflict with Kildekompasset, Kildekompasset rules.

28. https://www.uia.no/nyheter/kildekompasset-viser-hvordan-vi-skal-referere-til-kilder
29. https://kildekompasset.no/en/

Last / but not least!
Preparing For Your Dissertation Defense (Viva Voce): 9 Questions You MUST Be Ready For